2006 Kodak/Baby Gap Casting Call Contest

Do you have a gap baby? Enter the contest and see. You could win:


  • A Professional Gap photo shoot
  • A feature in your local Gap window and Child Magazine
  • $5000 college fund
  • A year supply of babyGap clothing
  • A Kodak camera prize pack and more!

UPDATE: Go here for the info on the 2007 contest.

15 thoughts on “2006 Kodak/Baby Gap Casting Call Contest

  1. A sales person in one of the local stores told me I should enter my baby into the contest. And she told me there was going to be another one this august….

  2. Hey Everyone,

    I’m not going to be personally emailing anyone when I hear about the next kodak/gap baby contest (if they even do it again, that is). But, having said that, there are a couple of ways to find out when the next contest starts. One, keep reading my blog. Two, visit an actual Gap store, or possibly the gap.com. Good Luck!

  3. Did anyone hear anything from those at Gap? I heard that the 20 finalists would be notified by October 30, 2007 and I was just wondering if anybody had heard anything yet. Thanks!

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