Fresh Direct Coupon Code – Free Delivery

Enter code HEALTH at checkout for free delivery until 2/22/07. You must purchase something from the health and beauty section in order to qualify.

UPDATE: Two readers have reported that this code does not work. I never actually got this one in an email, so I can’t personally vouch for it. As a shot in the dark, you can try HEALTH1 with an order over $75.00.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Direct Coupon Code – Free Delivery

  1. I haven’t tried it myself, make sure you have the one product from health and beauty though. Some of the more recent codes have also included a $75 minimum order. You may want to bump up your order and see what happens.

  2. I tried with a variety of health/beauty products, starting with the cheapest one (I think it was dental floss!) and moving up to Aveeno lotion ($9.99). I wonder now if maybe it’s a $10 health beauty minimum. My order was over the $75 mark.

    I’m hoping that the codes don’t become account specific. That would suck cause I’m one of their most frequent customers I’m sure, and yet, they NEVER send me codes.

  3. I used the HEALTH a few weeks ago (bought soap I think), no problem. Went to use it again, and it wouldn’t take (even though the ad was on the top of every page saying to use the HEALTH code for free shipping). Once I got my order, I called FD and asked them why it didn’t work (bought products from H&B again) and they said it could only be used once per account. They apologized that this wasn’t listed on the site and gave me the free shipping anyhow.

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