Skins on e4

Skins on e4

Skins is a controversial new British drama that deals sensationally openly with issues of race, drugs and sex amongst teens. It has been compared to Larry Clark’s Kids for its disturbing portrayal of youth culture. I haven’t seen an episode yet, but apparently it’s all the rage over there in the UK. You can check out some videos on the show’s MySpace page and also some partial episodes are available at Skins was such a huge hit in the UK, that it has apparently been renewed for a second series (read: season) of ten episodes. According to Wikipedia, the complete first series will be available on DVD from 3 September 2007 (UK date only?). No word on when the Soderbergh directed feature adaptation will come out.

20 thoughts on “Skins on e4

  1. Skins is okay….i guess, but to compare it to the works of Larry Clark is a bit naive to be honest. It seems to try a bit hard to portray ‘disturbing youth culture’ and is probably trying its hardest to emulate something like ‘KIDS’ but fails on all fronts. It could be worse though. :)

  2. Because I find a program that is very well. I was entertaining and makes me happy and much more at that age because certain things happen often shown in skins.

    Not much English, so if you do not write well is why.

  3. i’m an italian teenager, here SKINS is transmitted until jenuary, so we’re only at the first season but…I LOVE IT…is full of drugs and sex but i think that is a great portrait of the young life

  4. Skins is my life. All you fuckers out there who dont like it are crazy in the head. Maxxie is sooooo fit. Tony is also. Its just such a cool show. I love everyone in it and it shows the 21st century teenage lifestyle. Its ace. =] X

  5. Omg i love skins!! its the best program ever!! all i can ay is … whens the next rave!!??!! luv yooh all xoxox

  6. skins è davvero spetta e i suoi personaggi sono i mejo purtroppo in italia nn sta avendo molto successo perkè poki lo conoscono cmq sekondo me è ftt bn perkè fa capire davvero cm sn i ragazzi e sinceramente io penso ke se avessi la casa tt per me farei feste del genere in continuazione

  7. OMG !
    iiy fukin LOVE skins !
    its tha best like … EVA
    Maxxii Is SOOO PHITT !!
    An lovin Cassie :D
    Fully wickedd !

  8. Skins is def def boss . . . . we watched the entire first season in one weeked on the internet cause they dont run it in the US. Season 2 is slowly appearing but the youtube gods are being annoting about it.

    It is one of the best tv progs (exceptin SATC) that I hav eva seen!
    It relates to british teen life remarkably n ne1 who dun’t like it is defo missin a wicked prog!
    I love Cassie and Sid! Tony is fit n Maxxie is such a fab dancer!
    SKINZ 4eva!
    RIP Chris! :-(
    Apparantly tho therz gona b a whole nu cast 4 the third series/ season! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Reckon they’ll keep Effie n Cassie!
    Wot’s evry1 else think?

  10. the next series is going to be centered around effy and her friends, all the rest of the original cast won’t feature. apparently they will be getting a new cast every 2 years because they only want to focus on the characters age 16-18 (sixth form time, not uni time). i did love the first series, but the second was a bit disappointing. maybe it’s just me who thought that though? x

  11. OMG!!! Don’t u jus lv skins da 1st seri waz fuckin great but i fink da 2nd waz 2 serios nd wazn’t az ‘fun’ still luvin maxxie nd chris x0x0

  12. ooo im glad there will be another series, but I reccon it’ll take adjusting to who ever the new cast will be. they might still feature the others in the odd epp. I loved all the series, but the last few episodes of the second was sooo sad!! criss is one crazy loveble druggy!!Tony and sid amuse me lol x

  13. I Love Skins!, Tony N Maxxy Is Yummy!, Niiiice ;), It Sums Up Mah Life Too!!, I Love Skins…Thats All I Can Basicly Say .. Why Change The Characters :-(, Maxxy N Tony :O, Leaving Effie In The Series?, Didnt Like Her Very Much!


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