$40 Off FreshDirect Delivery Pass

Fresh Direct Delivery Pass
To receive $40 off your FreshDirect Delivery Pass (regularly $99) enter code FDDELIVERS43 at checkout. Offer expires September 12, 2007. As a bonus, you’ll receive a coupon code for a free Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza ($7.99 value) after you order.

7 thoughts on “$40 Off FreshDirect Delivery Pass

  1. The code is Slice1 and it worked multiple times for me in the past. If there are no codes on bumper shine it serves as a last resort. The pizza is not a substitute for their apricot-blueberry pie. It is sooo yummy..

  2. The $40 off is a good deal, but not as good as the $50 off coupon that they had previously run. You may want to play around with numbers in the 50’s, you never know what could happen.

  3. I am a repeat Delivery Pass customer and tried 40’s and 50’s, nothing works. Too bad, I like delivery pass, but not for $99!

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