New FreshDirect Offer: Free DeliveryPass For Two Months

As various folks have pointed out in the comments, the FD offers have been few and far between lately. Here’s the latest offer for a free two month DeliveryPass, that was contributed by loyal reader sys.

FreshDirectGo here and add the $29.99 DeliveryPass to your cart. At checkout enter the code FDDELIVERSFT and the $29.99 fee will be waived. If you cancel before the 2 month trial period is up, you can avoid the $99 renewal fee.

UPDATE: It doesn’t work for everyone, YMMV.

6 thoughts on “New FreshDirect Offer: Free DeliveryPass For Two Months

  1. I got this deal via email and snail mail so decided why not? Got my free delivery yesterday and hope to take advantage over the next two months – though don’t feel it’s worth the full price so I won’t extend.

  2. Wow, the code worked for me….thanks!!!(don’t forget to use the link or it won’t go to the $29.99 pass..) Free shipping plus the free pizza code for two months. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your calender to cancel one day before the two months are up. Yee ha!

  3. Not sure why this isn’t working. After adding Delivery Pass, I see my shipping is as it should be, but the promotional code, FDDELIVERSFT, is not valid.

    Delivery Charge: FREE with DeliveryPass

    Sorry, this promotion code (FDDELIVERSFT) is not valid.

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