2007 Weblog Awards

2007 Weblogawards

Hey, I’m not saying I could do a better job than this on the whole, but the nominees in the music category certainly contain some questionable choices at best. The omission of such top ranked blogs as BrooklynVegan, Music For Robots, Gorilla vs Bear, You Ain’t No Picasso, and The Music Slut makes this whole thing a little suspect.

Check out all the nominees for the 2007 Weblogawards here.

2 thoughts on “2007 Weblog Awards

  1. Luckily they did include I Guess I’m Floating who I would vote for over every person nominated and on your list and in our little After the Jump club, and pretty much the only that can knock them off for me is Heart on a Stick. Just my 2 cents of course.

  2. Heart On A Stick, definitely a worthy addition to the list. Having said that, Stereogum can crush them all like bugs.

    My question is, what is the deal with nominating this livemusicblog.com site, the guy has been offline since June 29, 2007! And then before that, it looks like he only posted once a week. Surely, something fishy is going on here.

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