The 2008 New Yorker Festival Is Coming…

The 2008 New Yorker Festival | October 3-5

Watch for the complete Festival guide in the September 15th issue of The New Yorker, on newsstands on September 8th.

UPDATE: The schedule is finally here.

Tickets are available online at 12 noon E.T. on Friday, September 12th.

To sign up for official Festival Wire e-mails, visit (which you annoyingly have to do every year).

4 thoughts on “The 2008 New Yorker Festival Is Coming…

  1. On their website, it says festival wire subscribers will get the schedule by Sept. 1 and I still have not received mine yet…anyone have the schedule?

  2. I got nothing yet, but I will post about it as soon as I hear something. I predict Jonathan Lethem, Jhumpa Lahira, Jonathan Franzen, Jonathan Safran Foer, Calvin Trillin, and many other unfamiliar faces!

  3. I’m signed-up for the Festival Wire and never received anything on Sept. 1 or since. They’re supposed to post the schedule on the festival web site today. But still have yet to do so. They’re being a little flakey. If anyone has the schedule, please post it.

  4. Yeah, the New Yorker always seems to put the Festival schedule out at the last minute (and then of course they make changes to it after it is released). According to the graphic above, the sched is supposed to be in this week’s print edition, so at least they can’t delay that. I agree with you though Vinnie, very flakey indeed.

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