Skins Season 1 on DVD, Season 2 DVDs Coming Soon, Season 3 Stars This Week on E4

Skins: Volume 1
Skins: Volume 1

Season 1 of E4’s Skins, which made a huge splash in the UK, and caused a bit of a stir in the US when it aired on BBC America, is now available on Region 1 DVD. On that same note, the Skins: Volume 2 DVD box set, containing the entire second series (aka “season”) will be released in the US on April 14, 2009. Both of these season sets have not been edited for nudity or language, so they’ve got a leg up on the BBC America episodes, but much to Drake’s chagrin, they don’t contain the originally broadcast music. If you live on the “other side of the pond” and you’re a Skins freak, you can catch the 3rd series of Skins starting on Thursday, January 22, but then again, you probably knew that already. BBC America will air season 3 of Skins starting in the Spring of 2009. Finally, according to Skins Series 3 will be available on Region 2 PAL DVD (yes, the DVD info is available before the first episode has even aired) on March 30, 2009 (no word on whether it will contain the original music or not).

Watch an extended trailer for the 3rd series of Skins after the jump.

Skins Series 3 Extended Trailer

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