Talent Show 1 Year Anniversary Show

Tickets are now on sale for The Talent Show‘s 1 Year Anniversary Show on February 23 at Littlefield. The participants at the big birthday bash are (mostly) the same folks who were at the inaugural show, but this time there will be a DANCE CONTEST!

Human speedball Ira Glass!
Standing in for John Hodgman, it’s the thinking man’s John Hodgman, Mike Albo!
Superheroic songbird Lucy Wainwright Roche!
Illusionist (OR IS HE?) Alex Stone!
Lover/fighter Shaina Feinberg!
Classic with an edge Henrietta Mantooth!
Dark angel Elna Baker!
Sweater girl Kevin Townley!

Macaroni rascal Eugene Mirman!
Celebutante David Rakoff!
Actual professional dancer Monica Bill Barnes!

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