Eliza Doolittle Playing Mercury Lounge Tonight, Debut LP Out Now, Livestream Set Tomorrow

Eliza Doolittle at The Pure Volume House at SXSW (03/17/11)
Eliza Doolittle at SXSW
Photo: Jon Klemm

You know the thing about being on vacation is that stuff you meant to post about just kind of creeps on you and then almost passes you by. Such is/was the case with UK’s Eliza Doolittle who is making her NYC tonight (Apr 25) at the Mercury Lounge. It’s an early show and it’s sold out but you can always try your luck at the door if you’re dying to go. If you don’t want to take your chances however, you can watch a live stream of a free exclusive acoustic set with Eliza on Tuesday (Apr 26) at 4:30PM EDT at www.livestream.com/elizadoolittle. Eliza Doolittle’s self titled debut LP (which is already platinum in the UK) came out last week on Capitol Records.

More pictures of Eliza Doolittle from SXSW and the video for “Skinny Genes” after the jump.

Eliza Doolittle at The Pure Volume House at SXSW by Jon Klemm
Eliza Doolittle at SXSW

Eliza Doolittle at SXSW

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