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Jimmy Kimmel at BAM Tickets Available Now

Jimmy Kimmel at BAM (Oct 29 – Nov 2)
Jimmy Kimmel at BAM

I’ve been watching this ticketing opp like a hawk, and I almost feel bad about posting about it because it will only decrease my chances of getting in. Anyway, as some of you may recall, Jimmy Kimmel is bringing his show to BAM, to mark the opening of the Brooklyn Nets NBA season (and the Barclays Center, I suppose). Up until a few hours ago, the 1iota ticketing page said tickets would be available “this summer,” but all of that has changed and you can apply for them now over here. There’s a catch though, you gotta send a personal email to and tell him WHY you should be a part of the studio audience in Brooklyn. You need to include your name contact info in the email and be creative, specific and enthusiastic. As the site says, “YOU’VE GOTTA WRITE… FOR YOUR RIGHT… TO PARTY (WITH US IN BROOKLYN).” Good luck folks!

In other related news, Jimmy Kimmel recently got engaged and Jimmy Kimmel Live will be moving to the 11:35 time slot on ABC in January.

FX Premiere Night Is Tonight! Win Season 1 of Wilfred on DVD

FX Network Premiere Night (June 28, 2012)
FX Network

It’s no secret that the FX Network has been on a tear lately in terms of bold and innovative original programming. Outside of AMC, I don’t think there’s any basic cable channel with as many excellent and/or exciting shows in their current prime time lineup, in fact, FX probably has more than AMC right now. Tonight (June 28), marks the premiere of two eagerly awaited returning series’, Louie and Wilfred, as well as the debut of two highly anticipated shows, Charlie Sheen‘s Anger Management and Russell Brand‘s Brand X. Having already sold over 92,000 tickets since he announced his tour on Monday, the premiere of Louie is probably the most buzzed about show of the night, but don’t miss Jason Gann and Elijah Wood in Wilfred, it was one of my favorite shows of last year. Though tonight’s show is being officially touted as the Season 2 premiere of Wilfred, FX brought the show back last week (without too much fanfare) for a special Sneak Preview episode entitled “Progress.” Tonight’s episode of Wilfred, entitled “Letting Go,” airs at 10PM on FX, you can still watch last week’s sneak preview episode online over here.

If you perhaps missed out on the first season of Wilfred, the good news is that the show is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at all fine retailers. The even better news, is that I have a copy of the Complete First Season of Wilfred on DVD to give away to one lucky reader. To enter to win your very own copy go to No purchase necessary. Contest ends on July 4 at 11:59 59 PM ET, 1 entry per person.

Wilfred season 1 DVD box art and show synopsis after the jump.

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Louie Season 3 Premieres This Week | Louis CK Going On Tour, Trying To Beat The Scalpers

Louie on FX

TV fans experiencing the summertime blues will be happy to hear that season 3 of Louis C.K.‘s popular sitcom Louie premieres on Thursday, June 28 on the FX Network. In other exciting news, Louis just sent out a conveniently timed message to his fans that he will be hitting the road from October until February playing, “…all over the goddamn place.” Of course, one of the places Louis will be performing includes his hometown of NYC, more precisely, the New York City Center from Oct 24 – Oct 28, 2012 (with what looks like room for a few additional dates.) For those of you unfamiliar with the venue (like myself), the New York City Center is located on West 55th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues, and has a seated capacity of 2,257*.

Here’s Louis’ email announcing the shows:

hello folks! I’m going on tour this year from October through Feb. I’ll be all over the goddamn place. This year, I’m trying something new, building on the fun, success and fan-benifit [sic] of selling my content online. We are selling tickets to this tour exclusively here on I only wanted to do this if there was a way, like with LIVE AT THE BEACON, that it could bring the price of tickets down and make them easier and less complicated to buy. We figured out a way.

Making my shows affordable has always been my goal but two things have always worked against that. High ticket charges and ticket re-sellers marking up the prices. Some ticketing services charge more than 40% over the ticket price and, ironically, the lower I’ve made my ticket prices, the more scalpers have bought them up, so the more fans have paid for a lot of my tickets.

By selling the tickets exclusively on my site, I’ve cut the ticket charges way down and absorbed them into the ticket price. To buy a ticket, you join NOTHING. Just use your credit card and buy the damn thing. opt in to the email list if you want, and you’ll only get emails from me.

Also, you’ll see that if you try to sell the ticket anywhere for anything above the original price, we have the right to cancel your ticket (and refund your money). this is something I intend to enforce. There are some other rules you may find annoying but they are meant to prevent someone who has no intention of seeing the show from buying the ticket and just flipping it for twice the price from a thousand miles away.

Some of these rules may be a pain in your ass, but please be patient. My goal here is that people coming to see my shows are able to pay a fair price and that they be paying just for a ticket. Not also paying an exhorbanant fee for the privalege of buying a ticket.

Tickets across the board, everywhere, are 45 dollars. That’s what you’ll actually pay. In every case, that will be less than anyone has actually paid to see me (after ticket charges) in about two years and in most cases it’s about half of what you paid last year.

The benifit [sic] for me is that I won’t get angry emails from anyone who paid a ton of money to see me due to circumstances out of my control. That makes me VERY happy. The 45 dollars also includes sales tax, which I’m paying for you. So I’m making more or less depending on the state.

Another benifit [sic] to me is also one to you. I get your email address (if you opt in) when you opt in. You don’t have to join ANYTHING to buy these tickets and if you opt in, youll only hear from me once in an old man’s jizz-cycle.

Obviously none of this means anything if the shows aren’t good. So that’s up to me. As I do every year, I’ll be performing a brand new hour (or more) on all of these shows.

Lastly, it was a real challenge to find venues around the country that could work with our exclusive ticketing service under these perameters. It means I’m playing in very new places. I really appreciate all of these theaters that are letting us give this a try.

Setting up this tour has been fascinating and difficult. this ticketing service is a brand new thing and I really fucking hope it works and that there aren’t any problems. If anything comes up, please be patient.

Doing things this way means I”m making less than I would have made if I did a standard tour, using the usual very excellent but expensive ticketing service. In some cities I’ve had to play smaller venues and do more shows. But I like doing more shows and about a year ago I reached a place where I realized I am making enough money doing comedy so the next thing that interested me is bringing your price down. Either way, I still make a whole lot more than my grandfather who taught math and raised chickens in Michigan.

alright, that’s it, folks. I’ll be sending this message out to folks on the opt-in list and sending a separate email that lays it out much more simply with the proper links. I am doing this because when I emailed you about LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL, (which is still on sale for 5 dollars!) about half of the people who got the email really enjoyed the long, verbose, unedited message. The other half HATED it and would have preffered a price, a link, and me shutting the fuck up.

This way, you can read this if you like, or your can just see the massive shit-ball of text and throw it in the garbage, and focus on the simple email.

I hope to see you all on the road.


Louis C.K.

More Louis C.K. tour dates after the jump,

* For those of you reading this on Tuesday morning, there is a good chance that all of the NY City Center shows are already sold out.

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Win Hannibal Buress’ “Animal Furnace” on DVD, Playing Comedy Central Presents Show in Red Hook Park

Hannibal Buress – Animal Furnace
Hannibal Buress - Animal Furnace
Buy It | Win It

Funny man and friend of Bumpershine, Hannibal Buress, has a brand new one hour Comedy Central called Animal Furnace, which comes out on DVD today (Tuesday, May 22).

The “Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace” extended and uncensored DVD, featuring 20 minutes of material not seen in the broadcast, will be released on May 22 by COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment. The bonus features include “A Week To Kill,” a behind-the-scenes documentary that takes a look at how Buress spent the week before the filming of the comedy special.
In addition, COMEDY CENTRAL Records will release the extended and uncensored “Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace” CD on May 22.

While making the special, Buress shot a documentary, “A Week To Kill” which documents the week leading up to the taping of Animal Furnace as Buress hits comedy clubs to put final touches on his setlist, makes morning radio appearances, listens to encouraging voicemails from Chris Rock, gets his phone stolen, talks to his parents, and everything else the up-and-coming comedian goes through before heading to NYC to record his special.

If that glowing press release blurb wasn’t enough to make you run out and buy your very own copy of Animal Furnace today, then surely there is no convincing you. However, if you’re not ready to pony up the dough just yet, but you’d still like to own a copy of Animal Furnace, you can enter to win a DVD at Contest ends May 25 at 11:59 59 PM, US entrants only, 1 entry per person, 1 bonus entry for each person that enters through a shared Facebook or Twitter link. (I recommend buying a copy today and then entering the contest anyway, if you’re the lucky winner, you can always give away you’re second copy as a gift.)

If you live in NYC, you can catch Hannibal at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Sunday nights where he hosts his popular weekly comedy show. On June 24, Hannibal will headline “COMEDY CENTRAL Live Presents: Hannibal Buress,” a free outdoor show in Brooklyn’s Red Hook Park which will also feature comedians Kevin Barnett and Josh Rabinowitz.

Animal Furnace widget and more Hannibal Buress tour dates after the jump.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live at BAM

Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn! (Oct 29 – Nov 2)
Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn native Jimmy Kimmel recently announced that he will be bringing his late night talk show to the Brooklyn Academy of Music from October 29 through November 2. The BAM shows are timed to coincide with the start of the Brooklyn Nets first season in the NBA. Tickets will be available “this summer,” keep your eyes on for more details.

The Brooklyn-born late night prince announced on Monday that he will return to his hometown in October to host “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in celebration of the Brooklyn Nets’ first game in the borough. []

Louis CK’s “Live at The Beacon Theatre” Airing on FX This Saturday, “Word: Live at Carnegie Hall” Available as $5 Audio Download

Louis CK: Live at The Beacon Theatre (05/12/12 on FX at 10PM ET)
Louis CK: Live at The Beacon Theatre

In case you were one of the few people who didn’t download Louis CK‘s Live at The Beacon Theatre $5 online only comedy special, you can catch it on TV starting this Saturday, May 12 at 10PM ET on FX.

The special, which was filmed in November at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan, went on sale at the comedian’s Web site in December at a cost of $5. It rapidly sold more than 220,000 downloads and grossed more than $1.1 million, more than enough for Louis C. K. to cover his production costs, pay bonuses to his crew, donate $280,000 to charities and persuade comedians and broadcasters to take the online-only model much more seriously. The FX broadcasts of “Live at the Beacon Theater” and the coming third season of “Louie,” which begins June 28, are technically free, provided you pay your subscription fee to a cable or satellite service that offers FX. []

In other related news, Louis also released a new $5 audio only download on his website today called WORD: Live at Carnegie Hall.

Louis CK Live at Carnegie Hall

This is material that I was performing two years ago (about) on a tour that was called “Word”. Some of this material was on my FX show “Louie” in pieces but the entire show in one piece was never released. This show was recorded at Carnegie Hall on November 4, 2010. []

Meet The Producers of “Sherlock” Tonight, Series 2 Details


This is really more like an extra long Tweet but:

Meet the Producers: “Sherlock”
Apple Store SoHo: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Join creator/producer Steven Moffat (“Dr. Who”) and producer Sue Vertue as they discuss their popular BBC/Masterpiece series “Sherlock”—an edgy update that places Holmes and Watson’s iconic adventures in 21st-century London. Now in its second season, the show is available for download from iTunes.

According to the blurb above, the new episodes Sherlock are available on iTunes, but if you like the physical thing, Series 2 of the Sherlock will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 22, 2012. Sherlock will also begin airing on PBS starting this Sunday, May 6 through May 20, 2012. Last but not least, Sherlock’s leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch, who was recently profiled in the NYTimes, has some upcoming high profile roles in J.J. Abrams next Star Trek movie and Peter Jackson‘s long awaited film adaptation The Hobbit.

Eagleheart Is Back! Win Season 1 on DVD

Thursdays at Midnight on Adult Swim

Eagleheart, easily one of the funniest and most absurd shows on television, returned to Adult Swim last week for its second season premiere. New episodes air every Thursday night at midnight.

Picking up where the show’s first season left off, season two of Eagleheart features even more of the surreal mayhem, over-the-top violence and absurd twists that fans have come to expect. Get ready for bloodshed as Marshal Chris Monsanto blindly kicks, punches, and shoots his way to justice, often targeting those who deserve it.

This season, Marshal Monsanto, aided by his sidekicks Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman, The Other Guys) and Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), sets out to track down a psychotic kids’ show host, search for the kidnapped King of the Hobos, fend off sinister board games, and take down a scat-singing mob boss. Along the way, they’ll encounter special guest stars Conan O’Brien, Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), and more. []

If you missed the first season of Eagleheart, you can now purchase the complete season 1 on DVD on and at other fine retail locations. If you’d like to try your hand at winning your very own copy, you can enter the contest after the jump. Contest ends Thursday, April 19 at midnight (when season 2, episode 2 premieres), US residents only, 1 entry per person.

Contest entry form and trailer for season 2 after the jump.

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Lana Del Rey in T Magazine, Joanna Newsom and Robin Pecknold on Portlandia

Lana Del Rey in T Magazine
Lana Del Rey

Curvaceous and pretty in a dress, she brims with catchy songs, all a bit retro, ironic and modern. Without straying too far off the pop grid, she’s the perfect antidote to Rihanna-Gaga overload — dare we say, a skinnier Adele, a more stable Amy Winehouse? Since posting “Video Games” to YouTube last summer, she’s amassed tens of millions of hits, sold out concerts to fashion’s who’s who and now, finally, has released her long-awaited album, which is currently No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 in America, and No. 1 in Britain, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and Austria. If you were going to manufacture a star for this moment, you’d manufacture her. Some people believe that’s precisely what happened. []

Other than the title of the article [“A Star Is Born (and Scorned)”], that paragraph is probably the most controversial thing in Jacob Brown’s puff piece feature on Lana Del Rey in this week’s T Magazine. You can read the whole thing over here.

In other indie “It Girl” news, watch the very funny Portlandia video (“Small Hatchback”) featuring Robin Pecknold and Joanna Newsom after the jump.

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