All My Favorite Links

Goods & Services & Auction – the ebay of new york – if you can’t find it on craigslist – ebay’s other half, fixed price listings, good for books and music

Audio and Home Theatre – high end audio auction – badass radios – great site for home theatre – dvd shootout is legendary – good consumer review site – recommended online audio store – the industry rag – great cable deals – crazy audio discussion – sweet cable at reasonable prices

Music, Movie and Books Retailers – the cheapest place for new DVD’s – the cheapest place for new CD’s – good prices, fast site, fast shipping, no frills – good prices, good selection of cd and dvd – get your next phone at swappa – what more you can say, they’ve got it all – free delivery in manhattan and same day shipping – i bet you can find it here – like bookfinder, but compares prices with shipping – books for Techies

Movie Info and Tickets
Yahoo! Movies/

Cameras – the best camera shop in NYC, maybe North America – the 2nd best camera shop in NYC – the best camera review site – a decent camera review site – Ken Rockwell’s informative and opinionate (mostly) Nikon site – Thom Hogan’s excellent Nikon site

Comparison Shopping Sites

Consumer Rating Sites – an excellent source of info when buying online

Music Information – the indie strikes back – everyone should bookmark it – upcoming concert information
The Elvis Costello Discussion List Archives – costello-l for those in the know

Music Blogs – while not as unique as it once, the ‘gum is still required reading
QRO – Ted Chase is still banging it out! – one of the best indepedent music blogs on the net
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Gossip – Like a nastier US Magazine – New Yorky stuff

Real Estate Blogs – NY real estate blog (now includes LA) – The Brooklyn Brownstone blog

Watches and Clocks – check out what’s new – check out the sales corner

Humour – hilarious – comedy vids – more comedy vids – get your war on rocks!

Food – great resource for foodies – looks like whole guide is online – national restaurant blog – all sorts of menus, very useful – NY Mag’s food and restaurant blog

Aggregation Services – excellent service – actually better than My Yahoo

Online Photo Albums

Person to Person Online Payment

Internet Downloads

Directories – next best thing to phone book – canada’s phone book – it used to be a directory – sort of like what yahoo used to be

Technology News – best tech blog – second best tech blog – Cnet news – great daily email – Wall St Journal tech blog – one of the top apple rumor blogs – another good Apple blog

New York Specific – great site for city dwellers – every girl’s best friend – TONY knows New York – NY Mag has a great website – Bloggy New York – my only regret is not joining sooner – the only local news worth surfing to – when is down – mmmm, beer

The no-brainers (well mostly):

News – all the news that’s fit to print – this is – canada’s newspaper


Travel – Reservations – The best travel metasearch engine – Another travel metasearch engine – for those who love to travel to Canada

Travel – Miles – flyertalk rules! look here before you book – the travel experience of Gary Steiger
View From the Wing – Gary Leff’s travel blog

Financial News
Google Finance

Search – really the only search you need – as good as google, but less scary – microsoft has finally come up with decent search engine – pretty new, supposed to be good – ditto – the new search from