Emigrant Direct and HSBC now both 4.8%

Emigrant Direct and HSBC are now both boasting a lofty 4.8% APY. Emigrant’s website is still as crappy as ever, but they recently wrote to tell me that at some point in June it will be less crappy. Citibank e-savings is a not too shabby 4.75%, and ING still lags behind at a measley 4.25%.

Better, Better, Best Credit Card Offer

Citibank AAdvantage MasterCard is offering 25,000 miles for sign up plus no annual fee for the first year. In theory, you have to sign up today to get this deal, but they are usually a bit flexible on this, make sure you print your terms and conditions at the time of application. Link To Offer

Citibank eSavings Account Now 4.75%

Citibank takes the lead (more or less) in the online savings account market with a new APY of 4.75%. I’m sure it won’t be long before the others follow. Citibank eSavings Account

Vonage Adds Sales Tax and Directed Share Program

This morning, I noticed a new cryptic message on the Vonage website which reads: On or about May 1, 2006, we will begin charging sales tax to customers in several states across the US. Some state and local governments are requiring that we assess sales taxes on your internet phone service. These charges may be…

NY Times Notices Online Savings Accounts

Not such an interesting article, fails to mention Presidential Online Bank, which at present, offers the highest online savings rate in the country (4.75%) along with a not too shabby 4.37% for checking accounts.