The Free Ipod Deal

1.Click on this link for a free 60GB 5th generation video iPod.

2. Choose your ipod and sign up for the site. I suggest using a secondary email account, but one that you still have access to. Proceed with registration until you get to the big list with all the sponsor offers (GM Card, Columbia House, Infone etc.).

UPDATE: DO NOT USE A HOTMAIL ACCOUNT TO SIGN UP. Hotmail blocks the freeipod emails so you won’t be able to verify your account. I can’t imagine this is true anymore, but it used to be the case.

3. After signing up and confirming your email, you have to sign up for one of their affiliated services. It’s your choice on what you sign up with, but if you follow my guide, you can get out of this without paying anything.

4. Which Offer Should You Complete?

Apparently, The Real Arcade Pass is the best offer to complete right now. The credit posts in a couple of days, you have a month to cancel, and cancellation is a snap and hassle-free. You can even cancel on the weekends . The eFax offer is another good one to complete. The fine print says you have to complete the 30 Day trial period to get the credit, but reports abound of people receiving the credit even when cancelling within the trial period.

5. This information is a bit dated, but still relevant

The easiest offer to complete by far is Infone. They credit the offer instantly, so no waiting and wondering if credit went through. And if you don’t ever use the service you don’t ever get charged. Plus they’re going to email you a $10 Amazon gift certificate just for signing up. If the Infone is not available, The Video Professor offer, or the AOL free trial offer are other alternatives. You have 45 days to cancel your AOL subscription at no cost. With the Video Professor offer, they send you software and charge you shipping. You can send the software back to avoid paying for it, and if you send it back you can also insist on a refund of the shipping charges. offers a 14 day free trial offer and instant credit. NOTE: I have heard AOL is a pain to cancel and some people have had difficulty getting shipping charges back with Video Professor. The advantage of Video Professor is the instant credit.

6. If you don’t use an offer that offers instant credit, your status will not show up as “completed” immediately in your freeipods account. It will take 1-2 days before it shows you as having completed the offer. Don’t sign up for another offer in the interim, there is no need.

7. Once you’ve activated your account by signing up for their services, all you have to do to get your free iPod is send your referral link to 5 friends for a 30GB ipod and 8 friends for a 60GB ipod and have them do the exact same thing you just did.

8. Your iPod will be sent to your home address via FedEx within a few weeks.

9. The company making this free ipod offer can’t lose — they only ship the stuff to you once you’ve taken actions that get them paid by their advertisers. So really that’s who is bearing the cost.

10. Here are some links that offer more proof of this offer’s legitimacy:
Wired Article
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