Drake’s Take: New Releases 08.10.10-08.17.10

Back from a little summer hiatus, here’s a special doubleshot edition of Drake’s Take. -ed. Drake’s Take: New Releases 08.10.10-08.17.10 I’ve been out of town on vacation, so the blog’s taken a backseat, but wanted to throw together something for the past two weeks because of two releases — the second release from Bottomless Pit…

Budos Band Played Celebrate Brooklyn! New Album Out Today

Budos Band at Celebrate Brooklyn! (08/07/10) Photo: Bart Babinski Download: The Budos Band – “Unbroken, Unshaven” (mp3) Staten Island’s The Budos Band opened up the packed-to-the-gills Sharon Jones show at Celebrate Brooklyn! on Saturday night, which was good timing since their brand new record The Budos Band III arrives on store shelves today (Aug 10)….