New Music: Ray Lamontagne, Richard Buckner, Kasey Chambers

I’m not bowled over by the new Kasey Chambers, despite her Aussie Superstat Status. I think she sounds like Michelle Branch, and the music isn’t so great either. Haven’t heard the Buckner yet. The Ray Lamontagne is pretty good, except that is an annoying media CD. The guy sounds like the lead singer of Gomez, but the music is Folk.

Oh yeah, here’s my take on the Delivery Man:
I must say, I am bit disappointed with the album. At times, I find the singing hard to handle and I don’t think there are really that many gems among the tunes. EC seems to think that he has pipes now, ever since he made the Bacharach album, he thinks he is a crooner who can pretty much sing anything. Clearly, on several songs on this album (“Either Side of the Same Town” being one), he shows that he can’t. Even the songs I like, which are the more garage sounding ones, like “Bedlam” and “Needle Time”, don’t seem that special to me. The Judgement, is a song I never particularly liked, even when Burke did it, and he probably did it better than Elvis. Emmylou probably should have sung all of The Scarlet Tide, without any Elvis vocals, but that would have been too big of Elvis, or maybe too insulting to Alison Krauss. In general, I feel it is a pretty disappointing effort, it’s certainly doesn’t compare the awful snorefest that was North, but it’s a lot less than I was hoping for.