I gots me a couple of new CD’s: The DecemberistsPicaresque, Solomon BurkeMake Do With What You Got, Matt Sweeney and Bonnie “Prince” BillySuperwolf, Great Lake Swimmers, British Sea Power Open Season, Kathleen EdwardsBack To Me, Vic Chesnutt – Ghetto Bells.


Solomon Burke – It’s a covers record. Generally, the quality of the covers is good, and some are even inspired, but this album comes nowhere near his last dynamite outing, “Don’t Give Up On Me”. This album is sort of an unsatisftying sequel to that album, like the Godfather Part 3, in a musical sense. If you don’t already own “Don’t Give Up On Me”, you should go out and buy it now.

The Decemberists – After repeated listens, I like this album, but i don’t think it is great, I would call it a solid B maybe. It has at least two very good songs, “Eli, The Barrowboy” and “Of Angels and Angles”. But I think Meloy tries a little too hard on the traditional tunes, “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” and “The Bagman’s Gambit”, and ultimately, he comes up short. This album will probably please die hard fans, but I don’t think it will win them an army of new ones. Despite my excitement for this album, I would recommend Castaways and Cutouts much before it.


  1. tinpig says:

    and…. ???? no comment on any of them? good? bad?

  2. FgBananas says:

    Yeah FGUY! where are the reviews on FGCD?!

    This poster only likes FG music anyway – ed.

  3. tinpig says:

    oh, sure. it took a complaint from mr/ms bananas to get you to post some reviews… but my original comment get’s nothing, huh? and i thought we had something special…

  4. FgBananas says:

    FG, you should take some time to write all your reviews instead of going on 5pm chips break from work. aka- Lunch3.

    This FG doesn’t work, he just posts on other people’s blogs -ed.

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