My first piece of advice, stay away from Air Canada Aeroplan if you can. Economy redemption is near impossible at any time and reward seats on popular routes are often sold out completely. If you have to use it, here’s a tip, reserve your flight online using the “Browse” feature of the website. You then have 72 hours to confirm your flight by calling Aeroplan. When you call to confirm, you can actually change your flights before you confirm your ticket. This gives you 2 advantages over booking directly on the web. First, your flight is reserved for 72 hours, so you don’t have to make up your mind right away. Second, there is no fee attached if you decide to change your itinerary, this is key because the telephone agents have access to more combinations of flights then you can come up with over the web. Having said that, I dealt with a very helpful the other day, who sorted out the crazy stopover ticket I booked for the summer.

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  1. bobby taco says:

    That’s what ya get for going to Canada…

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