Sell Outs

As of 2 PM Thursday, August 25 (2 hours after tickets went on sale):

Michael Chabon & Stephen King – Sold Out
Nicole Krauss & Ian McEwan – Sold Out
Zadie Smith & Jonathan Franzen – Sold Out
Malcolm Gladwell – Sold Out
John Updike – Sold Out
Cartoonists Unleashed: A Variety Show – Sold Out
Mikhail Baryshnikov – Sold Out
Brad Bird, Trey Parker, Matt Stone – Sold Out
Come Hungry with Calvin Trillin – Sold Out
The Great American Banjo – Sold Out
Ricky Gervais – Sold Out (in about 2 minutes)

More to sell out soon I’m sure. It’s like a U2 concert for snobs. Craigslist is alread buzzin’.