Wallace & Gromit

Saw a preview screening of the new Wallace & Gromit film on Sunday, The Curse of The Were-Rabbit. It was a very enjoyable movie, once again Nick Park has made something that is fun for both kids and adults alike. Despite its overall British sensibility, I predict this film will be a big hit on this side of the pond. Peter Sallis stars as Wallace, and Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter round out the cast as Quartermain and Lady Tottington (aka “Totty”) respectively. The movie is full of sight gags and clever dialogue, but there are loads of jokes that will go over most kids (and some adults) heads. In fact, one reference that was only pointed out to me afterward is that “Totty” is British slang for an alluring female (or male), I missed this completely. This is definitely a film that could benefit from mulitple viewings, and/or watching it with your favorite Englishman.