iPod Video?

The naysayers say no, and you can count me in that camp. There is an Apple event planned for October 12 and the most likely announcement will be a new 80GB iPod with a slimmer form factor along with some computer news that no one will care about. The new Toshiba 1.8-inch 80GB is already in production, so a matching capacity iPod shouldn’t come as a surprise. The reason I side with the doubters is because I don’t think Steve Jobs wants to unleash a video iPod onto the market unless he can manage the content in an iTunes (or in this case, iMovies) store kind of way. As far as I know, no infrastructure such as this is in place, because if it was I would have probably heard about the deals already. No doubt, this would make a digitally rights managed (DRM) video iPod a weaker product than its competitors that play unrestricted video, but the current iTunes/iPod marriage has never seemed to bother people up to now.