Daddy wants a new pair of shoes free iPod

Hey, it’s Christmas, er… Chanukah, over here. You are looking are for an iPod for that special someone right? Don’t want to pony up the $300+ or so for the new unit, yeah, me too. So here’s the thing, cruise on over to the Free Premium iPods site, and get yourself a brand spanking new free 60 GB Video iPod for Christmas. More interested in a Nano are you? Have no fear, iPod Nanos are available over here. These sites are the real deal, I guarantee it. Once you sign up, you just need to get some more folks to sign up as well. The cool part is, once you are done, you get a free iPod too. Apparently, the Real Arcade Games Pass is an easy offer to complete right now.

More on the RealArcade offer from (the shameless promoter/maven) Gary Leff:

The 30 day free trial of RealArcade GamePass works like a charm. The credit posts in a couple of days, you have a month to cancel, and cancellation is a snap and hassle-free. You can even cancel on the weekends (no waiting for weekday business hours, though admittedly I did have to hold for a few minutes).

I’ve been told — though haven’t tried this personally — that the RealArcade trial will work more than once. In other words, you can use it on more than one free electronics offer. Presumably you just need to use a different email address and credit card each time.

If you enjoy reading this blog, and getting free stuff, please sign up for the free iPod offers using the links below. Thanks.

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