Jenny Lewis Pics

March 18, 2006 @ Irving Plaza

Thought it was great show, albeit (predictably) short. I was amazed that there were so many NYU students in the crowd, (given that this album is so country sounding, I didn’t really think she would have such a young fan base). She played two new songs, one “didn’t have a title yet” and the other was called, “Jack Killed Mom”. Of the two new tunes, I thought Jack Killed Mom was definitely the stronger song. She didn’t play “Handle Me With Care” which is just as well, I think it is a rather uninspired cover. The set lasted just over an hour with encores. I missed Whispertown 2000 and most of Jonathan Rice although he made appearances onstage during Jenny’s set (as you can see from above). Oh yeah, there must be some kick ass pictures floating around the Net because half the people kids at this show were sportin’ serious DSLR’s.
– photos courtesy G.D. Vader

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