AOL makes a MySpace Killer

The new MySpace killer apparently has the code name of, wait for it, AIMspace. Why don’t they just call it TooLateSpace? But, I digress. I have a question for all of you loyal ‘Shine readers, is really that good of a site? Personally, I think it more or less sucks. But really, what I fully don’t understand is why is it better than Friendster, Orkut, or even the long gone, (but certainly not forgotten by this author; I actually think they still send me emails), Six The programming is outdated, the site is slow and buggy, the only novel thing it offers, is that it is place where musicians can add some streaming songs to their profiles. This all really leads to my next conclusion, it’s not too late for AOL to make a MySpace copycat site that is better than MySpace because MySpace sucks (see how I contradicted myself there in the last sentence).

PS AOL sucks too.