New Times Talks Events

A new TimesTalks event with editors and writers of The New York Times Magazine.

06.04.06 | CUNY Graduate Center, 5th Ave. and 34th St., NYC

Gerald Marzorati, editor, The Magazine | Amanda Hesser, T: Living editor | Matt Bai, Contributing writer | Lisa Belkin, Contributing writer | Mark Bryant, Play editor | Randy Cohen, “The Ethicist” columnist | Lynn Hirschberg, Editor at large | Cathy Horyn, Fashion critic | Daphne Merkin, Contributing writer | Will Shortz, Crossword editor | Deborah Solomon, Contributing writer | Stefano Tonchi, Style editor | James Traub, Contributing writer | Pilar Viladas, T: Design editor.

Some Noteworthy Events

How We Are Entertained “” Music
Contributing writer Deborah Solomon with award-winning singer-musician James Blunt

How We Are Entertained “” Film
Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg interviews an entertainment-world star (can you say Tom Cruise!) .

How We Think and Act
“The Ethicist”’s Randy Cohen on some of today’s most vexing ethical dilemmas, with audience interaction.

How We “Wordplay”
Crossword editor Will Shortz talks about the Sunday Magazine Crossword, with audience interaction and segments from the new documentary, “Wordplay.”

How We Govern
Contributing writer Matt Bai interviews Governor Howard Dean of Vermont, head of the Democratic National Committee and founder of Democracy for America, on the future of the Democratic Party.

I mean, hey, it’s not a super sexy lineup, but some talks could be worth seeing. James Blunt should certainly sell out in a jiffy. Howard Dean is always liable to say something that might end up on The Daily Show or Fox News or both. Will Shortz and Randy Cohen are interesting (though after reading Cohen’s book, I found his oh-so-witty writing style a little grating), and I’m sure the other editors might have something to say as well.