A Whack Of New Music

Disclaimer: These are all snap judgments based on a relatively little amount of listening.

Jennifer O’ConnorOver The Mountain, Across The Valley And Back To The Stars (Matador)
I haven’t heard it fully, but I have liked what I have heard so far.

The FutureheadsNews and Tributes (Star Time)
Another disappointment from this mediocre (at best) Brit band.

My Brightest Diamond – Bring Me To The Workhorse (Asthmatic Kitty)
Solo debut from Shara Worden (of Sufjan’s Illinoisemakers) failed to impress me.

Brightblack Morning LightS/T (Matador)
I kept waiting for the songs to start and they never did. So laid back, it’s comatose.

Comets On FireAvatar (Sub Pop)
I’m not a huge fan of jam bands, therefore I go into this one with some preconceived notions. It’s OK, I suppose for what it is, although I found Holy Teeth and The Swallow’s Eye imminently unlistenable. As far as I’m concerned this genre is tapped out, so take my review for what you will.