New Music

The GratesThe Ouch, The Touch EP
Took a flyer on this one. A little too avant-garde, or maybe too punk for my tastes, but there is some melody there amidst the screaming. Certainly not gonna make any top tens, but not detestable. It’s only a 4 song EP, so I suppose you can’t really be too judgmental, but basically this music isn’t my style.

Bedroom WallsAll Good Dreamers Pass This Way
Another flyer here. This album was pretty satisfying actually. There’s nothing here you really haven’t heard before, but it’s an enjoyable listen. This seems like the kind of album, that indie folks hop all over, but I really haven’t heard much about them at all. Seems they played the Merc back in May with Sunset Rubdown, who are the shit now.

Elvis Costello and Allen ToussaintThe River In Reverse
Ah, Elvis. Side projects, thou art enamored of them. While it’s not his worst collaboration, (Anne-Sofie Von Otter, you can breathe out now), nor is it his worst effort of late, (would anyone like to buy my copy of North), it’s not a great album. The Toussaint horn arrangements are far more tasteful than the cheesy Bacharach ones, but the album just couldn’t keep me interested, and hey, I put the “fan” in elvis fanatic. Moreso, and I’m sure I’m like the hundredth person to say this, but Elvis is stretching it vocally, and you can tell.