New Tom Waits 3 CD Compilation

Tom Waits: Orphans
Tom Waits is set to release a 3CD set titled “ORPHANS: BRAWLERS, BAWLERS AND BASTARDS” on November 21, 2006. It’s a wide-ranging collection of 54 songs, including 30 new recordings, equaling over three hours of rare and never-before heard music with a 94-page booklet. Orphans was once again produced by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan (his wife and long time collaborator).

In addition to the new work, Orphans features a number of tracks finding a home on a Waits’ album for the first time – songs originally recorded for the cinema, the theatre and other projects. They include Waits’ unique interpretations of songs by such extraordinarily diverse talents as The Ramones, Daniel Johnston, Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht, Leadbelly, Kerouac and Bukowski.

For more details on the album and a full track listing, check out the Anti website.
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