Shut Out Over Arcade Fire | Neon Bible Leaked

Wow, I wasn’t even caught in the virtual waiting room as many others were, I just plumb forgot about it. When I got into work, tickets were already gone, and I mean long gone. Oh well, I either won’t go, or I’ll try my luck at the door. The new single, Intervention is available for download on iTunes, you can find it here.

In related news, Bowery Presents clarifies what a non-transferable ticket is:

The ticket purchaser must enter the venue.
Copies of ID, Credit Card or Confirmation email
WILL NOT be accepted for entry. Only complete parties will be
admitted. No exceptions. Please DO NOT buy tickets on eBay,
Craig’s List, etc. YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED! [BrooklynVegan]

To me, this just means that you, as a ticketbuyer have to be at the show, but I can’t see how this prevents anyone from taking along their the highest bidding friend that they just met on craigslist.

Win made an interesting post on the official Arcade Fire site recently, he said that the Intervention single was accidentally released two days early on iTunes (December 26th instead of December 28th) and the wrong song was actually uploaded. Early downloaders got a song called Black Wave/Bad Vibrations, as opposed to the real Intervention. I’m not sure if the error has been corrected yet, Win said it would be fixed in “a few days”, but his post is undated. The other interesting part of his post is about how the full Neon Bible has already been leaked on MySpace. Here’s what he said:

..we leaked over a 100 songs on MySpace as fake band names and made a compilation of the 11 most popular songs and called it Neon Bible! You will all hear the whole record in due time, and I am sure it will all make sense.

Hmm, interesting, so much for the fine art of album making. We’ll see if a piecemeal bunch of singles end up “making sense” when all is said and done. On the plus side, there will be no shortage of b-sides and obsessed fans scouring myspace for the “fake” Arcade Fires.