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How can you top the Grammy story? Well, I don’t know if I can, but I’ll tell
you what happened to us to Saturday night and then you can be the judge.

My wife and I had plans to go see the March Required Listening show at the
Bottom Line for some time, basically since it was announced (in January I
think). For those of you not familiar with Required Listening, it is a
concert series sponsored by WFUV 90.7 that features four up-and-coming acts
all in one night. Each set lasts about half an hour and the bands play two
shows (one early, one late) each evening. The past three times we’ve shown
up for this, we’ve never had a problem getting tickets, the bands aren’t
normally huge names, but the sets are enjoyable and it is a good way to
discover new music.

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Bottom Line Update
In some related news, The Bottom Line recently signed a deal with Koch Records to produce a box set of of live shows from the club’s vast archives. You can also read a little more about this same night in Allan and Stanley’s own words over here (see the entry for February 12th, 2007).