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Free Coffee

Try a sampler of FreshDirect cofee for free when you enter the code COFFEE3 at checkout.

Sampler includes three 1/2 lb** bags:
Rainforest Alliance Certified Organic Colombian Mesa De Los Santos
Fair Trade Certified Organic Ethiopian Harrar
Organic Sumatra Gayoland, French Roast
Expires March 20th

Free Sample Time

March 20-27th
1LB Shell on Wild Jumbo Fresh Shrimp ($13.99) – LOVESHRIMP
Two 1/2 LB organic boneless salmon steaks ($13.99)- LOVESALMON

March 27-April 3rd
12″ Pepperoni Pizza ($8.99) – LOVEPEPP
12″ Mozzarella Pizza ($7.99) – LOVEPIZZA

April 3-10th
Chipotle Pineapple Shrimp w/ Asian Veggies ($11.99) – SHRIMPFRY
Anti-Biotic Free Ginger Scallion Chicken ($10.99) – CHKNSTRFRY

New Customer Discount Code for March

Code DC50G takes 25% off your first two orders.

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  1. Price Conscious says:

    I was playing around with various codes and found out the code “DC50A” is valid for $25 off your first order of at least $40. I have no idea when this expires but it did work for me. Enjoy!

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