The Hylozoists Play The Living Room | Joe’s Pub Gig Cancelled

Hylozoists - Fin Du Monde

I really enjoyed the The Hylozoists debut album, La Fin Du Monde (Boompa), so the good news is the band is finally playing some NYC dates. According to the Boompa website (and the often wrong Pollstar) the Hylozoists are playing Joe’s Pub on March 28th and The Living Room on March 31 (at midnight!). If you want to make sure you catch this band play live in NYC, I suggest you check out The Living Room gig since the Joe’s calendar makes no mention of them on the 28th and neither does the band’s MySpace page. But, to make matters a little more confusing, the band’s official website has the Joe’s Pub gig listed as happening on the 28th. Maybe someone from the band or the label will read this and straighten things out in the comments.

UPDATE: Erin from Boompa straightened things out in the comments. The Joe’s Pub gig is cancelled, The Living Room show is confirmed for March 31st.

Apparently, The Hylozoists played some shows at SXSW that were pretty well received. Here’s an interview from Austinist.

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  1. erin says:

    Joe’s Pub just got cancelled, and they are playing the Living Room on Saturday, March 31st. It’s all very confusing, but the show at the Living Room will be fucking awesome.

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