Live on Fair Game | Grizzly Bear, Fujiya and Miyagi, The Wrens and more

Fair Game with Faith Salie   Live on Fair Game

I’ve been meaning to blog about PRI’s Fair Game with Faith Salie for a few weeks now, but this recent string of quality musical guests gave me the extra push I needed. I could try and sum up Fair Game in my own words, but I think the PRI website does a pretty good job. Here’s what they say about it:

“Fair Game” is a satirical news and entertainment, weekday evening program. Hosted by Faith Salie, possibly the only Rhodes Scholar who performs comedy intentionally, “Fair Game” covers the important stories of the day and uses insightful humor to tease out what it all means. The show also features newsmaker and celebrity interviews, live music and regular appearances by the country’s best comedians.

Fair Game is available via Podcast in two forms, just the music, (which you can get here), and the full show, (which you can get here). As I noted in the title of this post, in the recent weeks Fair Game has hosted a number of live acts in the studio including: Grizzly Bear, Fujiya and Miyagi, Deerhoof, El Perro del Mar and The Wrens.