Reminder: Arcade Fire, Highline Festival Shows On Sale Tomorrow (Friday) at 10 AM

Arcade Fire

Eventhough you’ve seen this info on a million other blogs, I would feel remiss if I didn’t inform you that tickets for the Arcade Fire at the super inconvenient United Palace Theatre go on sale tomorrow (Friday) at 10:00 am. Also, tickets for all the Highline Festival shows (Ricky Gervais, Air, Arcade Fire at RCMH, and many others) also go on sale at the very same time. What will I do? Probably try and snag some Ricky Gervais tickets and Arcade Fire at RCMH; I’m sorry but 3-4 hours of commuting time to get to and from United Palace is just not gonna work for me.

UPDATE: Got four AF tickets at United Palace, passed on Gervais (but, I could be up for a trade, email me if you are interested).