Enter Shikari | The Biggest Band I’ve Never Heard Of

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are an English post-hardcore band with heavy use of electronic sounds, formed in St. Albans, Hertfordshire in 2003 (Wikipedia).

…Last month, the hardcore-meets-Eurodance group released their debut album, Take to the Skies, on their own label, Ambush Reality. Less than a week later, thanks in no small part to their over 100,000 MySpace friends and the legions of (mostly teen) fans they amassed while touring, the album sold over 28,000 units and reached number 4 on the UK Official Album Charts without a major marketing push.

It became clear that Enter Shikari was on their way to blowing up last year when, with only the support of their fans, they became the second unsigned band ever to sell out the 1,600 seat London Astoria venue (the first being The Darkness)… [Trendcentral]

According to their MySpace page, they are not playing NYC anytime soon, although they are touring extensively in Europe. Look for their first NYC show to sell out the Merc in a hurry.