Lorne Michaels Likes YouTube, SNL Backstage Access on the Web and Avril Lavigne

Lorne Michaels
(PHOTO: NBC Universal)

Like CBS, NBC, has pulled all of its unauthorized clips from YouTube and SNL producer (and Canadian comedy legend) Lorne Michaels shares his feelings about it in this NY Observer article.

“YouTube has been great for us,” Mr. Michaels reiterated.

Perhaps no other network show has gotten more out of the free video-sharing Web site than Saturday Night Live. Indeed, at the very moment the long-running program seems to be emerging from a years-long slump, producing sketches””not just lip-synch bloopers””that people actually want to share, discuss, and watch again and again, YouTube has been there, doing more to re-establish the show’s cultural relevance than any honcho at NBC. [NY Observer]

SNL Backstage

In other news, remember when there was talk of SNL airing its rehearsals on the web? Well, that never seemed to pan out, but you can now get more SNL behind the scenes information at the new Saturday Night Live Backstage site.

This weekend, Shia LeBeouf hosts and Canadian chanteuse Avril Lavigne is the musical guest. I’m sure you won’t want to miss it.

– Info via TVSquad.com