FreshDirect Codes | Free Pizza*, Pay From Checking Account and Save A Dollar (Brooklyn Only)

Save $1 Off Orders SLICE - Free Grilled Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza 2 Pk

Granted these promos are relatively lame, but it’s been a slow news day so far, so here I am, pimping the FD codes again. First off, we have the save $1 on orders if you pay with your checking account. Sign up by April 30, 2007, and FD will automatically take $1 off every order that’s paid by checking account until the December 31, 2007. My email says this offer is valid for Brooklyn customers only, but I suspect there is a Manhattan code floating around out there somewhere. Here is the link for the promotion. It’s possible the code BKLYN1OFF might do something if you use at checkout instead of clicking through the link. The other new code is SLICE and it entitles you to a 2-pack of Grilled Thin-Crust Mozzarella Pizzas for FREE ($15.99 vlaue) if you are a new (or possibly old) Delivery Pass customer. This offer expires 6/1/07. As an aside, I just worked through my first delivery pass and amassed 17 orders in 6 months, well worth it at $49, but not any kind of deal at $99.

UPDATE: Try code APRILSURVEY for free delivery (a minimum purchase may be required).
– Thanks Another Code

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  1. Another code says:

    Yet another code: APRILSURVEY for free delivery. I am not sure if there is a minimum purchase required.

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