Podcastworthy | Ted Leo on TSOYA, Jimmy Wales, Human Giant on Fresh Air

TSOYA Fresh Air

Perusing the old Podcast directory and I noticed that a few good things have popped up in the past few days, so I thought I would mention them here. On April 17th, The Sound Of Young America had the comedian and songwriter known as Ted Leo (some live tracks from that interview are available separately, here, here and here). On April 19th, Fresh Air had media muckraker (and Wikipedia founder) Jimmy Wales and comedy troupe Human Giant (who were also on TSOYA on 04/03/07 and featured on Juxtaviews on 04/04/07 ). While Terry always gives a good interview, it kind of bothered me that she didn’t ask Jimmy anything about Citizendium or Eric Goldman’s prediction about the demise of Wikipedia within the next four years. Jimmy if you’re reading this, feel free to chime in with your opinion in the comments.