Coming Up: Spider-Man Week In NYC

Spider-Man Week In NYC
April 30th – May 6th, 2007
The Tribeca Film Festival has announced its plans for the US premiere of Spider-Man 3. The Festival will be sponsoring the “black carpet” premiere at the UA Kaufman Astoria 14 in Queens, NY on April 30th. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, accompanied by a marching band, will join an audience of 3,000 who will fill each theater at the 14 screen multiplex. Premiere screenings will also take place simultaneously in each of the four other boroughs.
Unrelated to the Tribeca Film Festival, New York City and Columbia Pictures are teaming up to present Spider-Man Week in NYC. The promotion will bring spider-themed events and attractions to a range of city landmarks, from spider exhibits at the Bronx and Central Park zoos to comic book displays at the New York City Public Library and even a spider-themed rap performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. []

And one more thing… Columbia Pictures has partnered with Target to create the “Spider-Man 3: Spin your Own Webisode“ contest whereby consumers are invited to create their own short form webisode featuring characters from the movie. The winner of the contest will have their entry screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the top three contestants’ entries will be included on a bonus DVD available at select Target locations. [Trendcentral]