Summerstage Schedule Officially Announced… Tomorrow

Summerstage 2007

Yes, folks, it’s true, we are now officially in mid-May. Eventhough most of the shows are already known, the full Summerstage lineup will be officially announced tomorrow (May 22). If you haven’t looked already, please check out the big post to see what’s already public knowledge.
– Info via Gridskipper

UPDATE: The schedule is now officially up, no major acts were added, (I suppose you can me debate on that one), a few were switched around or bumped (new date for Ozomatli, G. Love was dropped), and we got a nice little comedy surprise in the form of UCB Theatre’s Comedy Cabaret.

05/19/07 UCB Theatre’s Comedy Cabaret – Human Giant, Demetri Martin, Rebecca Drysdale, The Defibrillators