FreshDirect Codes | No Minimum Purchase Req’d

Fresh Direct

Hey folks, these codes are for the same items as the other ones, but they don’t require any minimum purchase (except the FD $50 minimum). Enjoy!

May 16-28
Antibiotic-free Seasoned Berkshire Pork Medallions
reg 12.99/4pk
Coupon Code: BERKPORK
Cedar Plank Salmon with Pomegranate Glaze
reg 14.29/2pk – requires outdoor grilling

May 28-June 4
Korean Sesame-Marinated Beef Skirt Steak
Est Value 18.22
Coupon Code: KORSTEAK
Bacon-Wrapped Wild Scallop Kabobs
reg 16.99/3pk
Coupon Code: SCALLOPS

June 4-11
Antibiotic-Free Herb-Marinated Chicken Breast Cutlets
reg 13.99/4pk
Kansas City BBQ Beef Burgers, Frozen
reg 9.98/6pk

June 11-18
9″ Blueberry Apricot Tart
reg 11.99
Coupon Code: APRICOT
Two-Crust 9″ Cherry Pie
reg 10.99
Coupon Code: CHERRYPIE


  1. Emek Demir says:

    Korean steak worked once but now it is unavaliable.

  2. bumpershine says:

    You can only use “unique” one code per week. You can always try one of the other codes with a higher minimum order.

  3. Emek Demir says:

    That’s what I tried :). It lets me add the coupon but says the item is temporarily unavailable. I guess they are sold out.

  4. writincat says:

    Great site- the codes really work- thanks!

  5. Bryan says:

    The FD Korean steak is disgusting!

  6. Emek Demir says:

    Korean steak was ok.. needed some seasoning, and need to be carefully cooked. got two, the second was tasting much better because I used a yogurt based recipe.

    What really rocked was the apricot pie. Oh mama..

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