Apple & YouTube Strike Deal | iTunes 7.2 Released: Now With Less DRM!

YouTube + Apple TV

In what proved to be a win-win move for both their stocks, Apple and YouTube announced a new content partnership yesterday (I guess having Eric Schmidt around has its benefits after all).

Apple (AAPL) said that a free software download coming next month will allow Apple TV users to stream videos directly from YouTube to their widescreen televisions. Speaking at the fifth-annual D-All Things Digital Conference in Carlsbad, Calif., Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said that the full YouTube catalog will be available on Apple TV in the fall. []

Apple iTunes

In other news, the DRM free EMI trcaks supposedly hit the iTunes store yesterday…

The new version of iTunes for Mac and Windows unveiled what Apple called “iTunes Plus,” music stripped of the copy protection or digital rights management (DRM) that normally locks music to a particular type of player device or limits the number of computers that can play the tracks. Previously, Apple had promised that the unrestricted tunes would go on sale before the end of this month. []