New FreshDirect Coupon Codes

Rosa Mexicano Meals

Yes folks, let’s face it, that’s why you’re here isn’t it? You only put up with the music stuff so you can get free groceries. Anywho, a whole new whack of codes today, the ones I have are all $100 minimums*, but I suspect some $50 min codes are floating around out there too. Please post in the comments if you have them. (Note: You can always try the old trick of substituting 100 for 75 or 50 or better yet, for nothing).

* Another caveat here, these codes may be valid for Delivery Pass customers only. By the way, the Delivery Pass is a good deal this week, at only $55.55.

UPDATE: The week 1 codes appear to work for $50 a minimum order if you just put in the word without the numbers.

UPDATE 2: Man that enchilada was spicy like nobody’s business.

July 10-23
Beef Short Rib Enchiladas w/ Salsa Mestiza & Cactus
Enter Code: ENCHILADA100


Chipotle-Orange Marinated Jumbo Shrimp
Enter Code: SHRIMP100

July 23-30
Rosa Mexicano Antibiotic-Free Rotisserie Chicken
Enter Code: ROSACHK100


Chicken Breasts with Yucatan Spices
Enter Code: CHKYUCA100

July 30-Aug 6
Halibut in Tomatillo Herb Mole w/ Red Bliss Potatoes & Asparagus
Enter Code: HALIBUT100


Three Chili Marinated Beef Skirt Steak
Enter Code: ROSASTEAK100

Aug 6-Aug 13
Grilled Chicken In Tequila-Mushroom Cream Sauce w/ Snow Peas
Enter Code: CHKNTEQ100


Grilled Chili Marinated Pork Chops
Enter Code: PORKCHOPS100


  1. mknight says:

    I used the Enchilada coupon and it worked with an order under $100! Just type “enchilada” Yay!!

  2. FD Freebie says:

    Groovy – enchilada100 worked for me.

  3. Lauren says:

    enchilada worked for me too… thx for tip

  4. Another code says:

    More codes:

    July 10-23 BPORK100 (berkshire pork medallions) or PSALMON100 (cedar plank salmon w/ pomegranite glaze)

    July 23-30 SKIRTSTK100 (Korean sesame-marinated beef skirt steak) or BACON100 (bacon-wrapped wild scallop kabobs)

    July 30-Aug 6 HERBCHKN100 (herb-marinated chicken breast cutlets) or BBQBURG100 (Kansas City BBQ beef burgers, frozen)

    Aug 6-Aug 13 TART100 (9″ blueberry-apricot tart) or PIE100 (two crust 9″ cherry pie)

  5. Another code says:

    (above codes require minimum $100 purchase)

  6. bumpershine says:

    The Shrimp is sold out now.

  7. Emek Demir says:

    Enchilada is HOT !! really HOT.. I don’t mind but my wife was basically crying..

  8. Gary Bader says:

    Hey Emek – give me some of that enchilada!

  9. Payton says:

    Holy Crap was that Enchilada hot!!!
    What’s the deal! I couldn’t get the Shrimp on $50 min, but got the enchilada. What did they put in it? Whole habeneros? Jesus!

  10. Onemorecode says:

    Also got Another codes’ offer (#4) except at the $150 level. So all the same names, except with 150 at the end (i.e.: BBQBURG150). Yummy!

  11. Mickey says:

    ROSASTEAK worked for $50 😉

  12. Emek Demir says:

    HALIBUT75 works too

  13. mouse says:

    PORKCHOP worked!

  14. writincat says:

    CHKNTEQ75 works
    All the mexican spot is way too spicey!

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