Summerstage On NYC TV (Ch. 25)

The Apples In Stereo @ Summerstage
The Apples In Stereo at Summerstage

Fans of NYCTV may have noticed that they are broadcasting this year’s Summerstage concerts (as they have done in year’s past) on Saturday nights at 9:00 PM and Sundays mornings at 3:00 AM. I can’t find a list of upcoming performances anywhere, but so far they have shown The Apples In Stereo (Performance Date: June 16, 2007, Air Date: July 7, 2007), Ozomatli (Performance Date: June 30, 2007, Air Date: July 14, 2007), and Babylon Circus (Performance Date: June 30, 2007, Air Date: July 21, 2007). NYCTV is channel 25 on Time Warner in Brooklyn.

Ozomatli @ Summerstage
Ozomatli at Summerstage

Babylon Circus @ Summerstage
Babylon Circus at Summerstage