FreshDirect Competition | Bread’n Brie, Whole Foods on Bowery

Bread'N Brie

Though it sounds like a site that you would only use for a Wine and Cheese party, Bread n Brie is the new kid on the block in the online grocery game. Their food selection is quite a bit smaller than FD right now, and their website is inferior, but the hook is that they only stock gourmet ingredients (whatever that means). Right now they are serving Manhattan only, but delivery to Brooklyn is coming soon. If you order from, you may be able to get 30% off your first order with the code APPLE. (Note to B&B, more bumpershine coverage can be bought with free food).

While not exactly a direct a competitor to Fresh Direct, Whole Foods has announced that the Bowery location will deliver orders of $50 or more (otherwise known as a loaf of bread and some milk) to Brooklyn for a mere $5.95*.

* Brooklyn deliveries from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. only “” introductory price $5.95. From Memorial Day to Labor Day Whole Foods Market Bowery will be offering free delivery within Manhattan on purchases of $50 or more.


  1. Mickey says:

    I received gift for purchasing DeliveryPass.
    Free Pizza for “slice1” expired 8/31. I am not sure it works for everyone. Try:)

  2. Mickey says:

    “slice1” is for FD order.

  3. Mike says:

    “Right now they are serving Manhattan only”

    This is not true. They deliver to the UES, the UWS, Roosewelt Island, and Long Island City. Oh, and in the Washington Square area. I’ve tried them twice and while the selection is not as good as Fresh Direct (and not really any more “gourmet” as FD) their prices are a little better especially when it comes to produce.

  4. vanessa says:

    I live in E. Harlem and they delivered to me without issue and I used the Bread n Brie code APPLE and received 30% off, which was nice … however, I had tons of issues with the order, none of which I’ve ever had with FD. There were multiple items on my order that they simply didn’t deliver and didn’t notify me that they were going to be unable to fulfill, which was frustrating. Also, nearly all the produce that I ordered was bad – I had to throw almost half of it out because it was rotten. Alternatively, I’m always impressed with the produce from FD.

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