Tonight In Brooklyn | I’m From Barcelona, A Camp, Lauryn Hill

I’m From Barcelona
I'm From Barcelona

Fresh off of shows at Lollapalooza, and the McCarren Park Pool, the 29 member strong I’m From Barcelona make their way to Southpaw tonight to round out their inaugural NYC trip.

A Camp (Nina Persson)
A Camp

Just down the street, A Camp, a solo side project of Nina Persson of the The Cardigans, will be playing a sold out show at Union Hall (ltd tickets may be available at at the door). Nina will most likely be playing songs off the soon to be released new A Camp record. In case you can’t get in to the Union Hall gig, Nina will also be playing the Knitting Factory Wednesday, August 8.

Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill

Further afield, but still in Brooklyn, Lauryn Hill is playing a free concert at Wingate Field as part of The 25th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Concert Series. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Sean Kingston is opening for Lauryn Hill tonight.

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  1. Spiritual Poet says:

    Sister Lauryn

    I discovered you when you ran the Fugees to victory
    Who is this Queen, who is telling my life’s true story?
    I was 10 years old, but too old living in a child’s body
    Saw too much death in my hood, dead corpses rotting

    But Sister Lauryn saved my mentality implanting seeds
    Watering with her sweet voice, fertilizing all my needs
    Ready or Not, life came too fast and nearly toppled me
    I prayed to God to save me from my family and community

    Then the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill held me captive
    To have a beautiful voice like yours, anything I’d give
    All my hurt and pain diminished when I listened to you
    I found a way out of mental slavery, you unstuck my glue

    Now they talk about you and dog you out like the pound
    Never realizing all the Greatness and God in you I found
    Your Unplugged album was Allah (swt) speaking through
    Your lyrics come from the Higher Source never Voodoo

    Out of this captivity I long to be set free in this lifetime
    Away from all the sterotypes from all the evil crime
    All of the systems designed to treat us like animals
    Labeling us and treating positive folks like criminals

    See I understand you Sister Lauryn like I know myself
    A reflection of you, I am, I accept the hand God’s dealt
    We may not seem normal and they might call us insane
    But all along they are the ones insane in the membrane

    Never understanding that our true purpose is not vanity
    Never understanding that love and unity is the only key
    Never understanding that the system is designed for us to fail
    Never understanding that we are conditioned to go to jail

    Sister Lauryn, I commend you for standing your ground
    You are the diamond in the ruff that my soul has found
    Because of your music my life changed from inside out
    You showed me what my true purpose in life is all about

    You are a beautiful mother to all of your 5 little precious souls
    They depend on you to be strong, your love won’t grow old
    Allah (swt) needs you to keep up the fight for all of humanity
    Cheers to you Lauryn Girl for exposing the truth about this insanity
    3/22/2009 9:02:05 PM

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