Drake’s Take: New Releases 08.07.07

Drake’s on vacation this week, (though I didn’t know that was possible with an infant and a 2 year old), but like a trooper, (or a postal worker if you prefer), he delivered us the roundup anyway. – ed.

I’m on vacation this week, and since I all my formative listening is centered around my work day (commute, background at work, etc.) I’m a bit behind again. But there are two releases this week that deserve call-out regardless of how much ear time I’ve been able to give ’em. Okkervil River’s latest as well as the Sub Pop debut (EP) from the HBO stars Flight of the Conchords.

Playlist: New Releases 08.07.07

Album: Okkervil River – The Stage Names

Okkervil River - The Stage NamesFar less melancholy then 2005’s Black Sheep Boy, The Stage Names finds Will Sheff and the band more playful, making it an easier first listen. If the songs prove to be as dense as prior releases, then this will be their best (and most accessible) album yet, which is saying a lot. Given that Okkervil River’s songs become better with repeat listens, it’s safe to say this album will find itself on many end of the year lists (including mine.)

Album: Flight of the Conchords – The Distant Future

Flight of the Conchords - The Distant FutureQuickly becoming an ‘insider’ cult classic, the HBO series Flight of the Conchords is a pop-culture dream. When ESPN’s Sportcenter starts quoting from it (“It’s Business Time,”) you know it’s made it (now let’s get that second season picked up.) Sub Pop releases their first US offering with this mixed-bag EP of comedic genius. “Business Time” hilariously cops the vibe of Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” sexing up the mundane day-to-day life of a married couple.

You lean in close and say something sexy like “I might go to bed…I’ve got work in the morning.”
I know what you’re trying to say baby.
You’re tryin to say “Ooh yeah, it’s business time…”

The EP mixes in some live songs, which is good, because a song like “Robots” works so much better with a setup (which “Banter” helps provide,) and lets you know that Jemaine Clement’s robot voice is not done with effects (a more dead-on Stephen Hawking impression you’ll never ever hear.

Download: “Business Time” (Sub Pop)
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