Amy Winehouse | Overdosed? Exhausted? Back In Rehab?

Amy Winehouse at Joe’s Pub (Photo by Eric Nowels)
Amy Winehouse at Joe's Pub

Some Amy Winehouse news from across the pond today, it seems as if the self destructive soul singer (alliteration yay!) is either a) exhausted, b) back in rehab, or c) recovering from an overdose., which initially reported that Winehouse had entered The Priory rehab facility, is now reporting that she was treated for an overdose on Wednesday, August 8, for which she received an adrenaline shot and a stomach pumping. According to a BBC story, Winehouse’s record label claims that she is being treated for “severe exhaustion” and has been “advised to take complete rest”. As a result, Winehouse has cancelled upcoming appearances in Norway in Denmark. Her gigs at the V Festival’s Chelmsford and Staffordshire sites on Aug. 18 and 19, respectively, are expected to go ahead as planned. []