Zune 2 Announcement Expected Tonight

I, for one, can hardly wait (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…).

Zune 2

From ZuneScene.com:

Tonight [Tuesday, October 2] at 12 AM EST Microsoft is expected to announce the new Zune players. Information we have revealed about the flash and hard drive players has already been confirmed by FCC filings and spy photos. The smaller flash based Zunes will come in 4GB or 8GB and the larger device will be available at 80gb. We have received email from a reliable source indicating the following points will be made public at midnight:

Wireless sync will be included in all models including 30gb version

Zune Marketplace will have an expanded library including videos

Zune Marketplace will feature podcasts (zunecasts?) for the first time.

The new “squircle” button is called Zune Pad

Prices are $149 (4gb) $199 (8gb) $249 (80gb)

80gb Zune is slimmer and features a 3.2 inch screen.