Great Lake Swimmers @ The Highline Ballroom

Tony Dekker is an amazing singer with amazing songs and he proved that once again last night. I know it sounds corny, but Tony just takes you to another place when he is performing with his voice that is both haunting and captivating.

Great Lake Swimmers @ Highline Ballroom (10/02/07)
Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers

I still cannot get over the fact that he was outrageously and outlandishly snubbed by Candian music critics by not being nominated for the Polaris Prize.

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Arthur & Yu @ Highline Ballroom (10/02/07)
Arthur & Yu

Seattle’s Arthur & Yu came out and played an enjoyable opening set. Sorry, I would say more, but I’m pretty damn tired.

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Richard Buckner (who amazingly still calls Merge home) played as if he didn’t care the audience wasn’t there and then ended with his set with a giant FU to us all by taking all of his equipment offstage during the fadeout to his last song. Other than his song lyrics, he didn’t utter a word to the crowd.

Check out a video of “Moving Pictures, Silent Films” live after the jump.

Great Lake Swimmers @ The Highline Ballroom (10/02/07)

Moving Pictures, Silent Films

If I had any beefs with last night’s show, it was with the club’s policy not the bands. The (not vigilantly enforced) $10 (per person, per set) minimum was a certainly a little steep for more liking. I don’t have any real problem with a two drink minimum at a cabaret style establishment, Joe’s Pub does it, and I’m fine with it. But, if you’re already charging $15 for tickets, tacking on additional $30 to see all three bands is no way to make friends with the NYC concertgoing public (especially when you are relatively new venue). I would be remiss though, if I didn’t mention, that you could also choose to stand for all three sets and thereby avoid the club imposed minimum.


  1. Mike says:

    Geez, $10 min per person, per set! I can understand if there are only a few seats, but if the show is all seated, what are they gonna do make everybody stand on the sides? Was that strictly enforced?

  2. bumpershine says:

    Last night, the venue was set up entirely for seated patrons (I’d imagine the venue could be be made into a standing only show if the center tables were put away). The $10 minimum was kind of loosely enforced as far as I could tell. Frankly, I think the bands were a little embarassed by it too, Tony even offered to sell GLS CD’s for $10 instead of the customary $15 (ostensibly to thank people for paying the bar minimum).

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